Event Pictures

What POSCH members said about our carers event:

"Loved the informal feel of the day.  Thank you"

"It was great to have a sociable day with other carers enjoying meditation and yoga"  

"Met some old faces and new faces. 

Fab insightful day – a real holistic approach to carers and their needs"

"Please could we do this more often, great for so much help to be under one roof. Great to have a break, feel like I have had a real treat, thanks"

"A very important day to connect with others in the same situation and dissolve

any sense of isolation.  Also thank you for the platform for expression.  Great service!"


"Brilliant day, so relaxed and loving my nails!  Thanks"

"Eye opening.  Humbling.  Emotional.  Comforting.  Calming.  Inspiring. There is a need for collective action to make the laws that exist to protect patient carers be put into practice"

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